What are the RB Wealth Partner investment values?

RB Wealth Partners believes in setting high-level targets for various asset classes that reflect our investment worldview and rebalance back to those targets periodically. Our approach is rooted in a strategy that looks like the world we live in - comprising stocks and bonds, both domestic and foreign, companies large and small, and both developed and developing markets. We believe that a globally diversified portfolio - constructed of thousands of companies, dozens of countries, that is aligned with your financial plan, goals and risk tolerance - is the best way to help clients achieve their ideal life. 

What's different about RBWP?

You are probably well aware that we’re not exactly like the other guys… we march to the beat of our own drum. So while there is a lot of value we can provide, it’s important to ask what makes us different. Yes, I know, we’re down-to-earth, tech-forward, and we don’t pay attention to distracting headlines. But what else?

We think the RB Wealth Partner difference is in our holistic approach to investing. Making sure that your investment strategy is aligned with your tax strategy and your financial independence plan. Having all the pieces work together is the key to help ensure the efficiency of your financial plan. 

How do we add value?
  • Diversification and Risk Management: Our portfolios are globally diversified and built to align with your risk tolerance and the timeline for needing the funds. We use multiple asset classes – companies large and small, in the US and abroad, emerging and developing markets, and a mix of stocks and bonds.

  • Low-Cost Investments: We primarily use low-cost ETFs to construct portfolios. No commissions, product sales, and ETFs trade without any transaction fees.

  • Tax Focused Investing: We keep taxes in mind at every turn because we understand the drastic impact unnecessary tax burdens could have on your future plan.

  • Tax Loss Harvesting: We review your existing investments to minimize taxes on portfolio implementation and conversation. We watch for market dips and we review portfolios with taxes in mind, with a goal of adding to your bottom line.

  • Asset Location: A diversified portfolio is step one. Choosing the right accounts is step two. With portfolios aimed at maximizing your long-term bottom-line and minimizing your long-term tax bill, we will target high-growth assets like Emerging Markets in your Roth accounts, US Bonds in 401(k)’s, and Stocks and Municipal bonds in Brokerage accounts, with a goal of adding to your bottom line. 

  • Rebalancing: The foundation of a truly diversified portfolio is a mix of assets that don’t move together in tandem. Over time, your allocation will drift from its target and the risk level of your portfolio will shift. With that in mind, we’ll rebalance with taxes in mind to keep you on track, with a goal of reducing your risk.

  • Behavioral Management and Opportunity Cost: If you’re panicked when the market starts acting up, we’ll help make sure that reason and objectivity drive decisions instead of emotion. If you’re in the middle of a rolling liquidity event, we’ll work with you to find out how much we need to budget for taxes then get the rest invested ASAP. We understand that time in the market is much more important than timing the market.
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