We use a flat fee billing system. This means we are committed to making our fees transparent and easy to understand.

There are no complicated "tiers" for billing. We total up the dollars and accounts you would like to us to manage for you. The total dollar of managed assets tells you the flat fee for all accounts within your immediate household.

Add more money and reach a new level? Congratulations! We lower your fee based on the new level across all accounts.

Simple as that.

Fee Schedule

1.5% Up to $250,000 of Managed Assets

1.25% From $250,000 to $2mil of Managed Assets

1.05% $2-4mil of Managed Assets

0.95% $4-6mil of Managed Assets

0.75% on $6mil-10mil of Managed Assets

*$10mil+ Managed Asset Fee Determined On A Per Client Basis. Based On Complexity.

*Fees for Managed Assets are Billed Directly from the Investment Account

*401k Plan Management -Direct Management Now Available. Fees are billed ACH from a separate account.